Visiting us

A trip to The Netherlands

Planning and making a trip to Holland is a lot easier and less time consuming than a lot of people may imagine. Below you can follow a step by step description of how to plan a trip and how it all works. For those of you harbouring doubts about the effectiveness of a trip to Stal Korenbloem, we can only say that we have numerous references from people all over the world, several of whom had seriously given up on ever finding what they were looking for, or finding an address where the quality of the horses and the compatibility with the rider were placed in front of just selling another horse for quick money, on top of this our success rate is approximately 92%. We realised, a long time ago, that the success of our clients, both professional and amateur, is what will define and map out the future of Stal Korenbloem of the Netherlands.


Should you decide to fly, we will be at the airport to meet you and escort you to your hotel. Stal Korenbloem is less than 1.5hrs drive from three of Europes' largest airports: Amsterdam, Brussels and Dusseldorf.

The ferry and the car

If you are travelling from England by car, then there are three other options open to you, namely the ferry Dover/Calais, the ferry Harwich/hook of Holland or the Channel tunnel. The drive from Calais to us is no more than 3 hours.

How does it work?

First and foremost you will need to get in touch with us, by e-mail or telephone, in order for us to establish whether we are able to successfully help you , within your budget. If we then say that we can help you, then we really can and we will, without exception. Once you have arranged your arrival and departure dates your work is done. We will take care of the rest i.e. meeting you at the airport (or if you are driving, at our place), your hotel reservations, Showing you our horses and, of course, driving you to look at a large selection of others. Then, assuming that we have kept our promise and you have found your horse, we move onto the vetting, for more information on this please look through our vetting page.