A Little bit about our track record...

Since we started out, prior to the foundation of Stal Korenbloem bv in 2009, our horses and horses supplied and trained by us had competed on more than 20 different national teams, winning some 6 medals. We, personally, have competed and won at every single level from Novice through to Grand Prix. Our horses have won the the Gold medal at the European Championships, The Gold medal at the World Championships, a bronze medal at the world championships for young horses, won the Dutch 4yr old championships, won the International stallion competition, won the national Belgian 4yr old competition and have competed on German, Austrian and Dutch Senior teams. There are also an unlimited number of National champions at different levels and in the region of 50 Grand prix and Prix st George combinations competing Worldwide at the time this was written.

There is at least one horse, supplied by us, ranked in the top 40 at every single level in Great Britain.

We have sold horses to amateurs and professionals alike, all over the globe including 15 Olympic riders in 8 different countries.

We have also sold horses to or to clients of:

Great Britain USA Canada
David Hunt Robert Dover Daphne Edwards
Anna Ross Cathy Conelly Tracey Brown
Dane Rawlins Stefan Peters Lorraine Stubbs
Darryl Thickett Lisette Milner Mary Michinski
Lisa Marriot Rebecca Cushman
Sarah Millis Sharon Lewis
Andrew Gould Phoebe Crane Spain
Kirsty Mepham Beatrice Ferrer
Jane Bredin The Netherlands
Gareth Hughes Anky van Grunsven & Sjef Janssen
Rebecca Patmore Diederik Wigmans Austria
Eddie Stibbe Arjan Theeuwissen Andrea john
Vera Zegwaard
Imke Bartels
Germany Sven Rothenberger Sweden
Alexandra Simons de Ridder Willem Jan Schotte Peter Markne
Michael Fasbender Sjef Janssen Per Sandgaard
Jean Bemelmans Jeanette Haazen Leni Soderborg
Anja Ploenske Henk van Bergen
Hubertus Smit Paul Hendricks

To name but a few and on top of this we have sold horses to France, Israel, Mexico, South Africa, Ireland, Dominican republic, Monaco, Denmark and Japan!!!