Frequently asked questions

Are all of your horses depicted on the site?

Answer: No, the selection on the site represents a fraction of the horses that we have to offer and is intended as a sample of what we have to offer. Please feel free to contact us with your specific requirements.

What is the closest airport to Stal Korenbloem?

The closest airport is Eindhoven (15 mins) Brussels, Amsterdam and Dusseldorf are all within 1.5 hours drive.

I have read on the site that you pick people up from the airport and chauffeur them from a to b. Are there costs attached to this service?

No there are not, this is a service we provide to our visitors.


Do you part exchange horses?

The answer is that we do, in all shapes and sizes, but the horse in question must be of a stamp, quality and temperament that is in keeping with the sort of horses that we have for sale. We are not able to part exchange horses with issues that preclude them from our sale to our clientele.

Are all of the horses you offer owned by Stal Korenbloem?

Stal Korenbloem bv trains and sells horses that belong to both Stal Korenbloem and horses that are placed with us for training and sales by other owners. We always extend the owner's details to potential buyers if requested for purposes of enquiries as to history etc.

Is the information on the site correct?

We do our utmost to ensure that it is, but Stal korenbloem bv cannot be held responisible for errors on the site.

How should i read the information relating to each horse?

Name: is either the horse's stable name or the name in his Passport

Birth: is the year of the horse's birth

Size: is merely an estimate of the horse's size in centimeters at the withers and is not 100% accurate. Exact measurments can be supplied upon request.

Studbook: Is the studbook with which the horse is registered

Level : Indicates the level at which the horse is training and this is not nessecarily the level at which it is competing. 

Breeding: States the name of the sire and the name of the Dam's sire (sire x Dam's sire) Full breeding details can be extended upon request.

Description : Differs from horse to horse but is generaly a summary of the horse, his competion record if present and or his heritage

Do you also compete?

Stal Korenbloem's horse's have been competed and are competed worldwide by several riders at levels ranging from Novice upto and including World Cups. This is of course not true of all of our horses as there are simply too few hours in a day. The level of our trainers dictates that they are not eligible to compete at lower level competitions under Dutch regulations so we compete mainly at higher levels and if we have the chance we compete others at (international) test of choice - or HC. Almost all of our older horses have ring experience of some description as well as many of our youngsters.

Are all of the horses vetted?

In short, YES. We do not allow horses into the yard unless they have been recently vetted. for more information on this subject please see our page on Vettings

Are all of your horses "vice free"

Yes. we don not tend to have horses with vices. If you ask us if, in our opinion, windsucking or weaving is a hindrance for a competition horse then our answer is... of course not! However the market place for horses with vices is limited and many professional yards prefer not to stable them.

Are dealing establishments "trustworthy" ?

Please understand that in the Netherlands the horse business is an Industry of formidable proportions. The professional yards in this country rely on repeat business without which they would become extinct - the vast majority will do their very best to to have only the very best of what Holland has to offer.

How do i arrange export/transport of my new horse?

We use several extremely reliable transport companies for transport both in and outside the EU : we can advise you on the best plan or alternatively organise it on your behalf via one of these agencies. for more details please see our page on transport